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A premium, factory prepared, polymer fortified unsanded Portland cement grout designed to be mixed with water.


Product Overview

A premium, factory prepared, polymer fortified unsanded Portland cement grout designed to be mixed with water. Formulated from a blend of high strength Portland cement, graded aggregates, polymers and color-fast pigments. Provides a grout joint that is dense, hard and durable.


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Features & Benefits

  • Mix with water; or for improved performance, fortify with 1776 Grout Admix Plus
  • Equipped with anti-microbial technology
  • Excellent for wet and dry areas
  • Non-dusting, non-spalling and non-yellowing
  • Non-shrinking
  • Easy maintenance
  • Dense
  • Easy application and clean-up
  • No pre-soaking or wetting tile
  • No damp curing required
  • Available in a range of exciting non-fading colors for interior and exterior use
  • Product Specifications


    Product # SP16XX-0020-2
    Patent #(s)
    Available Colors #04 - Arctic Blue, #05 - Pastel Blue, #08 - Cherry Red, #94-Cobalt Blue, #CC-01-Olive Green, #CC-02-Bottle Green, #CC-03-Water Blue, #CC-04 -Terra Brown, #CC-05-Postal Blue, #CC-06-Pearl Gentian Blue, #CC-07-Maroon, #CC-08-Light Pink, #CC-09-Brown Red, #CC-10-Pastel Turquoise, #CC-11-Pastel Green, Antique White, Autumn Green, Blue Glow, Blue Hawaii, Boston Fern, Brown, Buff, Butter Cream, Candied Apple, Chambray, Chestnut Brown, Cinnamon, Clear, Copper Beech, Desert Khaki, Dusty Grey, Espresso, Fossil, Frosty, Gold, Green Glow, Grey, Hemp, Hot Cocoa, Iron, Kashmir, Latte, Lemonade, Lichen, Light Pewter, Limeaid, Marble Beige, Midnight Black, Mink, Moss, Natural Grey, Parchment, Pearl, Platinum, Pretty In Pink, Purple Haze, Quarry Red, Raven, River Rock, Ruby Slipper, Saltillo, Sandstone, Sauterne, Sea Glass, Silk, Siltstone, Silver, Silver, Silver Shadow, Slate Grey, Smoke Grey, Steamship, Sterling Silver, Stormy Grey, Tangerine Orange, Tawny, Terra Cotta, Toasted Almond, Turquoise, White
    Part of System
    Country Availability Bahrain, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Nigeria, Oman, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Uganda, United Arab Emirates
    Substrates Brick, Brick Masonry, Cement Mortar, Cement Mortar Beds and Screeds, Ceramic Tile, Ceramic Tile and Stone, Natural Stone, Old tiles and stone, Stone, Tile or Stone
    Packaging Summary 10kg & 1Kg bags

    Available Warranties

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