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Decorative vinyl color chips, flakes or fleck are specially blended paint aggregates used to enhance the aesthetic qualities of Chip™ and Chip™ PURE.


Product Overview

Designed to increase durability and longevity while offering a high quality finish, vinyl chips continue to gain popularity with architects, designers, contractors and consumers. They allow for customization to commercial, residential and industrial floors with an endless range of color styles, texture, size and blending options.

Info and Guides

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for use with concrete coating systems
  • Available in 8 popular blends
  • Optimal flexibility & strength
  • Hard samples available for certified dealers, distributors and architects
  • Easy to use
  • Renewable and sanitary

Product Specifications


Product #
Patent #(s)
Available Colors Slate Grey
Part of System LATICRETE
Country Availability Bahrain, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Nigeria, Oman, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, United Arab Emirates
Suitable Substrates
Packaging Summary Standard Chip: 55 lb Box, Mica Chip: 25 lb Box

Available Warranties

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