Sound Control

When specifications call for noise reduction or you wish to make your flooring installation more sound proof, choose from LATICRETE® soundproofing products, for use in both residential and commercial settings. LATICRETE has developed a line of professional grade sound control products including peel and stick membranes, adhesive mortar and an acoustical underlayment system that provides noise reduction as well as anti-fracture and crack prevention benefits. In addition, LATICRETE sound proof products achieve low delta IIC ratings, and are backed by unmatched warranties, providing assurance of an effective and long-lasting sound proof installation.

125 Sound  Crack Adhesive
125 Sound Crack Adhesive
LATICRETE 125 Sound & Crack Adhesive is a superior crack prevention and sound isolation adhesive mortar.
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170 Sound  Crack Isolation Mat
170 Sound Crack Isolation Mat
170 Sound & Crack Isolation Mat is a high performance acoustical underlayment system that muffles impact noises through ceramic tiles, stone and other hard surfacing materials.
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