CES Training

AIA/CES Continuing Education Seminars

LATICRETE International is an International Passport Provider of AIA/CES programs. Our registered programs enable the design professional to keep current with technological developments and technical issues related to ceramic tile and stone finishes. The information provided creates a deeper level of understanding which serves to increase clarity of specifications, to prevent costly problems and disputes, and to assure durable and low maintenance installations.

Seminar Topics

  • Content based on current industry standards and challenges encountered in construction today
  • An understanding of the many choices in uses, substrates and finishes — and how these choices affect installation systems requirements
  • Information about how to avoid the most common and costly installation problems
  • A preview of unique specification tools designed to streamline the specification process

AIA/CES Programs and Descriptions

The following is a complete list of programs that are registered and approved for presentations by AIA for our provider passport:

  • AIA-01 - Water as Design Medium
  • AIA-02 - Ceramic Tile and Stone Troubleshooting
  • AIA-03 - Tile and Stone Installation Materials and Methods
  • AIA-04 - Direct Adhered Facade Systems
  • AIA-05 - Designing Installations Using Marble and Granite
  • AIA-06 - Designing Installations Using Composite Stone
  • AIA-07 - Sustainability in Tile and Stone Installations
  • AIA-08 – Grout for Tile and Stone
  • AIA-09 - Surface Preparation
  • AIA-10 - Tile and Stone and the Fight Against Mold
  • AIA-11 - Sustaining Green – What Are the Trends?
  • AIA-12 – Resorting a concrete slab to baseline – Leveling and Resurfacing
  • AIA-13 – Designing Installation Systems and Reduce Thickness Porcelain Tiles
  • AIA-14 - Polished Concrete Design for LEED and CHPS Projects
  • AIA-15 - Concrete Basics
  • AIA-16 - Concrete Problems and Solutions
  • AIA-17 - Misconception about Chemical Hardeners
  • AIA-18 - Stone Installation Solutions and Options
  • AIA-19 - TCNA Handbook Updates for Architects
  • AIA-20 – Enhanced Performance Installation Systems for Thin Adhered Masonry Veneer
  • AIA-22 – Innovative Decorative Toppings
  • AIA-23 – Finishing Concrete With Self Leveling Cement
  • AIA-24 – Airtight building – Sustainable design for energy efficiency
  • AIA-25 - Barrier Free Shower Design and Techniques
  • AIA-26 - Specifying Polyaspartic Flooring Coatings for Sustainability

AIA/CES Contact Information

For further information contact us at:
Phone: 800.243.4788, ext. 1344 (U.S. and Canada only) or 1.203.393.0010, ext. 1344 (outside U.S. and Canada)
Fax: 1.203.393.1948
E-Mail: seminars@laticrete.com

To set up an appointment please e-mail LATICRETE at seminars@laticrete.com