STRATA_HEAT™ floor heating system is the most advanced radiant underfloor heating system available in the world. Consisting of a high performance floor heating wire, an uncoupling mat, a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat and the world’s first heat conductive thin-set additive – the system provides you with the most advanced and efficient floor heating system for your next installation.

  • Uniformity and energy efficiency all in one floor heating system
  • Highest quality floor heating installation available

STRATA_HEAT is part of the LATICRETE Lifetime System Warranty – providing you one source, one warranty from the substrate to the grout – no other company can match the innovative features or offer such a comprehensive line of products.

Turn up the HEAT with the Highest Performing Radiant Floor Heating System Available! 


Watch the video to learn about the STRATA_HEAT™ Radiant Floor Heating System components and how to install them through a mock installation.

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